What inspires me.
Inspiration to me comes from life; life in all forms, all shapes, colors and textures. I chose to include this section because it is important for me to share with you how I work, how I think, how I communicate, and ultimately, how I will fulfill your design goals.

The Process.
With a meeting, so much can be determined by merely stepping into your space of business; colors, materials, employee attire, views to the outside world, etc., I look at everything. My artwork is not only visual, but works to stimulate emotions and conjure the temptation to touch and feel the piece. I am in the business of communication, I work to translate your business dynamic into words and images that will help sell your company.

Now, let's get to our discussion.
Questions are asked, obvious ones, personal ones, and even silly ones. I want to know about your company, how it works, why it works the way it does. I want the field trip of your business. I want to know about you, why you are in the position you are, what brought you here, your passion for the company. You are asking me to create something, whether it is a logo, product brochure or website, something that graphically communicates your business to the outside world. In order for me to do that successfully, I want to be viewed as an employee you have had on your staff since the beginning. From there I go to work. I involve myself in the project by intensely researching your industry and outlining the challenge to successfully solve the problem. I go out and get inspired, and hopefully along the way, I may inspire you and your staff to help in this most exciting development process.

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