There is nothing more important than identity.

If there is one area of my work that I can say, hands down, I am the most passionate about, it's this, creating logos. Creating a brand identity is like giving your baby their name. It is who they are, how everyone else will think of them and allowing them their voice. When you think of Nike, it's not NIKE spelled out, it's the swoosh. Coca-Cola, you think of the red and white script, not spelled out as I just did.

A company's identity is just that, an identity, it showcases their personally, whether or not they are stiff and corporate or fun and whimsical. It can also say if they really mean business or willing to just get by with the basics. A good logo is essential for a quality first impression your customer or client might have about you.

Creating and branding your logo is the most important element of my job. I invest countless hours researching your industry and current market trends to create an image that will represent you in the best possible way. I have been nationally recognized for my work in this area and take pride in what I do. So don't leave anything to chance, give your logo some serious thought, you will be blown away by the results.

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