Set yourself apart from the rest.

The world of interactive media, both online and in the form of kiosk or CD-ROM platforms has revolutionized our industry. I have embraced the challenge of learning and, more importantly, understanding this new opportunity for design. Many of us "old-timers", I am considered a baby of this group, but non-the-less, many of us have not adopted this avenue as an area of potential growth.

Starting back in 1997, I worked with a company that developed websites and high-end presentations for corporate events, here I got my feet wet in this interactive world. I have not looked back, having designed websites for many local companies as well as national corporations like Paramount and 710 Kiro radio in Seattle.

By continuing to challenge myself, and my interactive partners, my goal is to provide, you, the client, an interactive experience you won't soon for forget.
We are able to produce websites that are simple, yet beautifully done, as well as develop sites that require extensive database and technical programming to accomplish any desire you may have.

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