Print. There is still nothing like it.

The print world offers so much in the way of feeling to any given project. The interactivity of ink and paper along with the smells and grain, stimulate all of our senses. As great as the digital world is, there is something about print, and designing for print, that I will never lose sight of. There is a certain satisfaction you get when the final printed piece is in hand. A feeling of pride and accomplishment.

When I left art school back in 1994, I left thinking I was going to be an illustrator, working with the designers who would ultimately take what I have created and make it their own in the printed form. Reality set in, although I am a very good fine artist, I am much better at the assembly of graphical elements and type to create a piece that stands alone.

Print is certainly a passion of mine that is easily showcased by the pieces that I have created over the years. I take each project and try to solve the problem in a new and unique way, by looking at it as an opportunity to do something exciting not as another job. Whether you have a need for new business cards or some elaborate sales and marketing kit, let's talk; you will be impressed by my knowledge of the craft and my abilities to solve your design goals.

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