Great service reaps great results.
Colin Magnuson Creative specializes in the creation of
complete logo identity systems, a full range of print
collateral packages and extensive interactive design
solutions. The focus is creating a complete brand identity
for your business by translating your company's dynamic
into words and graphics that uniquely represent you.

A successful brand can stimulate the growth of your
company by creating excitement for your product or
service. Colin Magnuson Creative has had tremendous
success in developing such branding for its' clients.
Abolins Audio Visual in Tacoma, Washington, for
example, has grown to becoming the largest supplier
of 3M projectors in the country. In addition to the
materials provided by 3M, we have created our own
unique product literature to promote Abolins as a
company, as well as 3M. Many of the executives that
head 3M's presentation division have commented on
how strong our materials are; even exceeding the
quality of the pieces produced by 3M itself.

Service also extends to every day business relations.
Service is a word often used as a general classification,
not as a sense of pride and purpose. At CM Creative,
service is a mission, a reason for existing, and a promise
that my work and my communication with you will be as
professional and mutually fruitful as humanly possible.

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